Techno-Comp developed, tested, and deployed multiple applications in a Telecom Network Planning Platform to support identification of 5G and 4G Planning Polygons, coverage processing, propagation mismatch detection and correction, predictive analytics, metrics and operational reports

Telecom major currently utilizes a tool to generate predictions for 4G wireless network deployment in different markets nationwide. The network team is finding that there are many discrepancies due to mismatch in the model being propagated. The model deployed in the field and the actual coverage required for the given area/market have discrepancies. This results in many fallouts in network deployment and is increasing deployment costs and delaying deployment in many markets.

Techno-Comp implemented the following among other initiatives

  • Provide Discovery report and briefing to management of preliminary finding on issues.
  • Analysis report and briefing of complete and fleshed out issues list including root cause analysis.
  • Tabled recommendation report includes potential solutions to major issues with specific recommendations to change customer support tools process improvement and process alignment if appropriate.
  • Managed the Project tasks including reports and briefing to management.

Case Study