Techno-Comp has a mature cloud migration center of excellence (COE) that brings knowledgeable architects, developers and data engineers to Conduct a swift assessment and migration of customers digital assets to the cloud. We have successfully completed large-scale migrations for our clients in various industries.

Our client’s organization was looking to modernize mission-critical applications and move to cloud as part of this process.

Techno-Comp brings its COE learning using the 10-step cloud migration checklist of the major areas that need consideration to maximize chances for a successful cloud migration.

  • Establish the migration-architect role
  • Prioritize migration components
  • Choose your level of cloud integration
  • Perform any necessary refactoring
  • Choose a single cloud or go multi-cloud
  • Create a data-migration plan
  • Establish cloud KPIs
  • Switch over production
  • Establish performance baselines
  • Review application resource allocation

Case Study